Half Ties’ is a fun dinner conversation we’d all love to eavesdrop on. Why? Because it’s an open dialogue that derives from the perspectives of different cultures, from the intimate dynamics of an at-home relationship, be it couples, long-term housemates, or large extended families with kids. We hear from the voices of an Australian-Greek and Australian-Japanese couple, a Scottish and Indian family of 6, or a raging household of 30-something year old friends from Columbia, New Zealand and Iran. Whatever it is, it’s a conversational stir fry. And that’s what modern-Australia is all about; a blend of immigrant cultures.


Hosted by the chatty and inquisitive self-invited guest, Australian-Chinese Liv Cheung and her Finnish-Ghanaian partner Kwamena Brace, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss. Questioning from empathic and curious intentions in order to understand those who are different from us, we ask these families questions like “What makes it work?” “What customary traditions from each other’s heritage do you like?” “What values will you not pass on to your kids?” rather than the simple, close-ended question “Where are you from?”. This is a show that aims to dive deeper about what makes each and every one of us truly Australian, and what makes these blended families and households really unique.


If you are in an inter-cultural relationship or come from a mixed-race background or household and would like to share your stories and experiences with us, we would love to hear from you!

Ideally you are Melbourne-based; but if you are elsewhere in Australia and have an interesting story we would consider that too. Not looking for overseas applicants as this first season is for an Australian audience, however if you are an Australian living abroad we would be interested in your story.

We are especially on the hunt for the following: Older couples (50+); LGBTQIA+ families; blended families; First Nations relationship with other cultures; split up couples that are amicable and open to talking about culture differences; adopted or foster adult children and their parents (from a different background).

Please fill out a short questionnaire here and we will let you know if you have been selected or not (as we have limited spots for the first season of this podcast – this will be based on what stories we receive as we get as we aim to cover a broad spectrum of ethnicities and backgrounds).

Please pass this onto anyone who you know might fit the bill – looking forward to hearing from you!