The Life Exchange is an interactive monthly discussion where we come together over tea and coffee to talk about all the important LIFE things (you know, all the things we have to go through because we’re human). Topics such as ‘Adulting – What am I doing? !’ ‘Guilt & Pleasure: Our Relationship with Money‘ ‘ Love and Fear in Relationships that Matter’ ‘Identity & Self-Expression’ and ‘Embracing Death & Ageing’.

In times of uncertainty, isolation and increasing mental health issues in our society, the need for real community and honest human connection is essential. Inspired by stories from global community groups such as TED Talks, Humans of New York, Dumbo Feather and Red Table Talk, this is my humble village version of bringing people from all walks of life to listen, learn and do life together.

Exchange your own lived experience with others to gain shared collective wisdom, and perhaps, in the magic power that is deep community, we might learn that life can be a little easier – and more meaningful – when you’re doing it with others.